Professional, quality bicycle repair service by experienced mechanics makes a difference! From changing a flat tire to overhauling your entire bike, our service experts will get you up and running and on your way!

Comprehensive $85 + parts ($115 value in per item labor charges)
Bicycle thoroughly washed and dried
Brakes – centered, braking surfaces checked and cleaned, pads filed to a fresh surface or replaced. Shifting System – properly limited and indexed. Cables – inspected and replaced if damaged. Chain – checked and replaced if necessary. Wheels – will be aligned and tires checked for wear and damage. All load bearing surfaces will be inspected for free motion and adjusted for no lateral play. Drivetrain – wear will be checked.
Deluxe $150 + parts ($225 value in per item labor charges)
Includes Comprehensive Tune-up and in addition: All brake and derailleur cables and housing will be replaced to improve functionality. Drivetrain – full cleaning in our industrial aqueous solution parts washer. Frame – a thorough cleaning. Chain – new chain installation. Handlebars – re-taped.
Overhaul $200 + parts ($325-$365 in per item labor charges)
Includes Comprehensive & Deluxe Tune-up and in addition: Bottom bracket & Headset overhaul. Brake calipers – fully refurbished. Freehub – overhaul serviceable freehubs. Frame – once all parts are removed we will do a detailed cleaning and finish up with a coating of Pedro’s bike lust.

*When your bike has sustained a significant amount of use (shifting system no longer works as easily as it used to, harder to brake, the drivetrain no longer feels smooth, etc.) or has sat unused for long period then it’s time for our Comprehensive Tune-up. Our seasoned service techs average 24 years of experience per technician and will check your entire bike.

Other Services
General Labor Charge $60 hr
Size/Install Chain $10
True Wheel $10-20
Spoke Replacement $30
Flat Fix $12 ($25 for a coaster brake wheel)
Hydraulic Brake Bleed $40 per brake
Derailleur Adjustment $15
Drive Train Clean $65 Removal of all drivetrain parts, clean in Aqueous solution industrial parts washer, reinstalled & lubricate
Suspension Tune hourly
Hub Rebuild $30
Headset rebuild $30
Hand built wheel $30 + parts
Brake Adjustment $10
Bottom bracket overhaul $30
Bike Build $85 new bike from the box
Bike Box and Ship $140 for the continental U.S., includes pickup charge and insurance, $190 for oversize

*All service prices are subject to change