Phase Training

Phase Training is a fitness training philosophy founded on the idea that all things move through life in a series of phases. Nothing just appears then stays the same. Everything starts somewhere, in it’s simplest form, then grows or progresses into what it was intended to be. Seeds become saplings, saplings become trees. People crawl before they walk and walk before they run. This natural progression is the basic model behind every training program designed here.

Phase Training believes in progressions, but is not a rigid system. Training programs are structured around assessment, starting points and individual goals. However, the content of each program is meant to be organic and specific to each individual client, while holding true to the belief that complete fitness is built through balance, mobility, strength, conditioning and, finally, application.

The Goal is Complete Fitness

The goal of Phase Training is to guide clients towards complete fitness. Complete fitness is a state of general preparedness revolving around five major components: balance, mobility, strength, conditioning and application. Each of these five components is incorporated into every training session, effectively training clients to be balanced, flexible, strong, cardiovascularly fit and functional out in the real world. In short, to be completely fit is to be ready for anything.

Good. Better. Best

Everyone who comes to Phase Training starts at good, even if things are bad. Taking on a fitness program or training for a competitive event is a big move. It is a good move, requiring courage, sacrifice and investment. If you choose to take this path and make the investment, you deserve to be treated with respect. You deserve a positive environment in which to grow. Phase Training wants to take what is already good and make it better, then build upon better and make it the best. That is the path. That is the progression. That is the way.