Employee Profiles

Russel Murphy

Russel Murphy / Store Manager

Born – New York City
Bike you Ride – S-Works Venge
Bikes Currently Own – 2
Favorite Food – Pepperoni Pizza & any IPA he can get his hands on!

I have to admit I’m obsessed with speed – and being immersed in the details, stats, and what’s the latest out in the market. I’m always looking for that competitive edge and part of the fun of the sport of cycling is all the cool gadgets out there.

I ride because I love the feeling of pushing myself to a place I didn’t think I could go. It’s awesome to share the same passion as my wife, and we enjoy rides together in Jefferson County. Nothing is more rewarding that to be able to share my passion for cycling with other people. Cycling is a lifestyle choice for me and it is what makes me truly happy.

Adrienne Murphy

Adrienne Murphy

Born – Seattle, WA
Bike you Ride – S-Works Amira
Bikes Currently Own – 2
Favorite Food – Steak and a full glass of red wine

My husband Russ and I started Mesa Cycles in 1991 because we wanted to do something we loved; we love being part of the cycling community and being surrounded by people that share our same passion for bikes. Russ and I actually met at a bike race! I’ve loved riding my bike fast ever since I can remember.

Our son is in college so when he’s not around our attention goes to our other, furry children – our dogs (Bart and Zoe) and cats (Kyle and Dart). I personally love mountain biking in Lost Valley; sometimes we even bring the dogs on the trails with us. You’ll often find me gardening on a beautiful day, or enjoying being outdoors with friends, sharing a nice bottle of red wine.


Christopher Connolly

Born – St. Louis, MO
Bike you Ride – Road, Mountain Bike, Single-Speed, BMX and Cross-Bike
Bikes Currently Own – 7
Favorite Food – Meat, Ribs, Chicken, Bananas, and Almond Butter

My wife Lauren and I have Teagan and our little guy Redford, as well as a Golden Doodle named Roscoe and a Yorkie named Cooper. I love spending time with them doing anything outdoors: hiking, cooking, traveling, and camping.

There’s nothing like finding that perfect stretch of road with no cars and hills that burn the legs. But I have to admit, mountain biking in Middle Fork is a rush in itself!

I ride so I can eat whatever I want; I ride to feel that gust of speed and the wind on my face – it makes me feel like a kid again.


Traci Berry

Born – Roanoke, VA
Bike you Ride – Specialized Epic 29er & Specialized Crux
Bikes Currently Own – 3
Favorite Food – Pizza with Bacon

I’m a mother of three boys (Daniel, Matthew, and Christopher) and an Irish Terrier, Maggie. They are my pride and joy! I love riding my bike because it frees my mind and is so relaxing. It’s exercise without feeling like I’m working out.

When I’m not hiking or doing yard work, you most definitely would find me on my mountain bike at Cliff Cave Park or enjoying the scenery at Greensfelder County Park. There’s nothing like a long ride and rewarding myself with my favorite – an ice cold Diet Coke.


Grant Erhard

Born – St. Louis, MO
Bike you Ride – Tarmac, Allez
Bikes Currently Own – 2
Favorite Food – Mexican

I ride for the ladies…. and even myself.  There’s no better feeling than launching up the hills out west on Wild Horse Creek Road or taking my mountain bike through the trails in Lost Valley.

When I need a pick up, I hit the espresso! When I’m ready to chill with my friends and enjoy the outdoors I prefer red to white wine, but I’m easily bribed with a deliciously crafted IPA or Belgian White.


Marco Darancou

Born – Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico
Bike you Ride – Fuse Expert 6fattie
Bikes Currently Own – 4
Favorite Food – edible kind (anything and everything)

I ride to be free! I’m the youngest of four siblings. We were all raised in a remote ranch south of Arizona until mid teens. Having lived in the desert for some time, I wanted a change to green for a while. Enter St Louis! As soon as I moved in, I started looking for a position where I could engage the outdoors as much as I could again. Thankfully, Russ and Adrienne welcomed me to Mesa Cycles where I have been a mechanic since early 2015.

If I’m not tinkering with a bike on my spare time, I’m either riding some gnarly trail, or watching the weather and trail conditions. I don’t ride to race, only to have fun! Ask me when I’m hitting the trails next and bring your bike! My favorite trail so far is Chubb, do you know a better one?