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From Specialized Bicycles: “In the fall of 2012, Specialized partnered with leading researchers to launch a ground- breaking study. The goal was to determine whether riding bikes might have an effect on school children dealing with ADHD. It’s the first time anyone has taken a closer, scientific look at what happens to the brain after riding a bicycle. We needed the scientific evidence to prove what we already knew in our hearts.

Our study scientifically measured the effects of cycling on the attention capacity of 47 students aged 11-14 years old from Kennedy and Wilson Middle Schools in Natick, Mass. Participants biked outdoors five days per week for 30 minutes before school for one month. The project examined cognitive, emotional/social, as well as, balance and physical changes before, during and after the program.

The findings were profound. The study found that the cycling program led to increase in positive mood, improvements in several aspects of attention, as well as acute and longer-term benefits in cognition.

The results of our study have led us to believe that bicycles can be another option, outside of medication, to help children successfully manage ADHD symptoms. To further our commitment to a healthier future for children, especially to those dealing with ADHD, we will be establishing our own 501c3, The Specialized Foundation.

The Specialized Foundation is dedicated to improving kids’ lives through original research and cycling programs. The Foundation will work closely with schools and their local bike shops to implement a structured cycling curriculum in their PE programs. The vision is that all schools one day may have access to cycling programs, offering a research-proven method for improving the learning environment to increase kids’ academic success through an activity they love.”

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